About Us

Mouthpiece Clothing Co. was created based on the different aspects on the word mouthpiece.

Growing up in the 90’s,

Texas had playas, pimps, hustlers, golds, casanovas, etc.

Individuals who strived and achieved greatness

got their way via charisma.

Their accomplishments resulted in a constant desire to attain excellence,

and a growing hunger for more amongst the masses.

By way of mouth, the idea of settling for less is beyond us.

Mouthpiece Clothing Co. is the expression of this ideology,

as well as the risk and the reward that comes with the quest of these particular longings.


As a brand, Mouthpiece Clothing Co. wholeheartedly specializes in music events, fashion, & merchandise

with ambition to service the community.

Its significance is quality and the infinite strive towards success from beginning to end.

Mouthpiece Clothing Co. represents those with the charisma

to embrace the culture—by way of mouth…


Lifestyle Mindset.